I walk a lot here. And my head is constantly creating sentences and metaphors and stories  while I am walking. It is watching people and thinking if each one of them will have a story to share. I string stories in my head about things, people, places, insignificant little things. I will not use the metaphor of weaving. I feel like I am unravelling this huge ball of wool. Its all knotted and tangled up in places. When I am walking, these knots keep brushing past me. Its like they want to be unravelled. I can feel them inside my temple…

I took a short walk to a cafe nearby today. Its my favorite Sunday place. I must tell you about this cafe sometime. Remind me to talk about the beautiful vinyls that they play. Anyways, I took a friend there for brunch. A short walk on a very grey morning. While crossing the road, we got talking about stories.

“It sometimes doesn’t matter what you have missed in life as you grow up. A few good times and lot of screw ups is what you might see when you really look back. But as long as you have good stories to tell, its alright. You must always have stories to tell. As long as you have those moments that create funny, interesting or quirky stories, Life’s good. isn’t it?” … the conversation went something like this. She nodded and we smiled and walked to the cafe.

Of all the times you must have had, and the times you will have, will eventually become stories. I am sure, bad days at work become quirky funny stories after years. We wear heartbreaks like war-marks on our skin. That getting embarrassingly drenched in your white dress that made you want to cry is now a funny story of the past.

I have hundreds of these stories that run in my head all my waking hours. Some of them..I wish I could tell you in person. Most of them sit safely in my notebook.

So, as long as I dont get tired of telling you these stories, I am going to keep coming here and putting them for you to read.

( This is a short blog series sitting in my notebook since a while. Because its part letter writing and part conversation, I am going to run each piece without editing. For those who believe in imaginary friends will understand this better.)