It’s a day off on Monday and I decide to walk to one of my usual brunch/lunch places in Surry Hills. The place is called Ruben Hills. It’s nested between two parallel streets with kitchen counter spanning the length of the cafe. When you enter this place, you feel like eating in a huge open kitchen. If you were here, you would have loved to take a walk in the warm crisp Sydney sun and sit on a table that overlooks the quiet street. I spent better part of my lunch reading and sipping on ‘the bitter aftertaste of grapefruit juice’. Don’t you just love grapefruit juice?
I love the compact menu at Ruben hills. The whole food / organic undertone of foods. I pretty much order the egg baleada (pronounced Bal-YA-da) nine out of ten times I am here.Here is a story about Baleada. It is one of the most popular foods in La Ceiba, a port city on the northern coast of Honduras. It generally consists of a thick wheat flour tortilla folded in half and filled with fried beans, and often egg, cheese, cream and some kind of meat. I usually ditch the meat part. I’m an egg and beans girl.

But more than food, you will love the coffee here. It’s like, I can spend hours here and drown myself in endless cups of ‘good’ coffee. Apparently, the two owners of this place travelled to over 15 countries in Central and South America to source their distinctive coffees, often beans that are hard to find elsewhere, particularly in Australia. I like places that have stories. Stories make places special.

Today the espresso of the day is a single origin Ethiopian coffee. I order long black to go with the pace of the day. Something that takes a while to finish. The sweet tooth in my head is craving for a piece of cake but I tell myself it’s not Sunday so no dessert. Anyways… Coffee is beautiful. Just the right amount of bitter and black.

And as I finish my coffee the shop girl walks up to me and tells me that my green eyes look beautiful .. I laugh and tell her that I wear contacts. Sunny days are never short of stories to tell you.. Right?