Words are my stories. Words are the messages I send into the universe. Words are the thoughts I scribble when I travel in traffic, when I am on a plane, when I can’t sleep after finishing a ‘God damn helluva nice book!’. Words. Words. Sometimes a few. Few times a lot. But words.

So earlier this year when everyone started with projects like #100happydays, I wanted to start a series of scribbled words. It took me good three months to decide that it wasn’t my Blog or Instagram or Tumblr that will host these words. I wanted to write but not bound by words. I wanted something that will not only host these words but add to them, breathe life into the words and not keep them static. I wanted fire, rain, wind and water. I wanted it all. And I wanted it sans colour. Basically a picture of scribbled letter on a white sheet, followed by a two minute reading.

Over last few months, I fell in love with Medium. It has everything I wanted to host this new project of Words…

And like Marshall McLuhan said:

The Medium is the Message

With the medium we choose the scale, pace and often pattern for our messages. Being a ‘part’ marketer, I value the speed and consistency the medium can provide a message. Medium is often an extension of how we want to deliver the message. And it can pedal and create the change that the message intends.

I have been a fan of McLuhan since I was a journalism student. And so it happens that as my messages evolved over years, I chose different mediums. So here I am, on Medium. This medium. With my words. A few thoughts wrapped up as messages.


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Medium is the Message