Why Don't You

Why Don’t You read some poetry. It doesn’t have to be a Shakespearean sonnet but any poem. Why Don’t You read poetry to someone today? Even if it’s on the phone, or in hush-hush tone while travelling together. It doesn’t have to be under the stars. Why Don’t You read poetry aloud to yourself tonight. Weave your sound with words. With the hustle of tone let the words caress your soul. Why Don’t You?

Why Don’t You write someone a handwritten letter? Not a text, not a ‘post it note’, but good old styled letter. It doesn’t have to romantic or be in a perfect handwriting. Write a letter to your mum. To your old school teacher. Write a letter to your older self and keep it in your sock drawer. But Why Don’t You pour your words with ink on paper? Get your fingers ink stained, dirty, and put that slight pout on your lips as you write.

Why Don’t You cook a four course meal for yourself? Not for an audience. Not to please anyone but yourself. When you are not thinking about the calories, but only about the love and the flavors. A meal in which Nutella and Jelly is for dessert. Why Don’t You cook a meal where your fingers have a fragrance of olive oil and your hair have bits of star anise lingering in them.

Why Don’t You wear your favorite dress and shoes and take a walk around the block? Just to hear the sound of your steps or sound of the city chaos. And while you walk, smile at strangers and count the smiles you get back. Save those smiles in your pocket. Why Don’t You smile as you walk on the street? Smile for no reason at all at all. Especially when you have a terrible day. The smiles collected back on that day will do you wonders by the time you finish the day. Why Don’t You just smile more often?

Why Don’t You buy a ticket to a new place and travel? Just you and your curiosity. No Google maps, no guidebook. Discover the place in a good old school way. Ask for directions and get lost along the way. Discover something new and find new bits of you too. Talk to strangers and ask them where to turn next. Even if you don’t believe in them one bit, for that one day, let yourself go. Why Don’t You let yourself go for a while?

Why Don’t You count stars one night and see how far you can go? Why Don’t You just drive somewhere in search of clear start-studded skies? Why Don’t You chase more? Skies, Sunrises, Sunsets? Why don’t You chase more life than run away from it?

Why Don’t You break a habit today? Why Don’t You make a new habit today? Why Don’t You wake up tomorrow morning and start a new ritual? Just to see if you have it in you to make new beginnings…

Why Don’t You do something you always feared? Why Don’t You do something you always wanted to do and never had the courage to? Why Don’t You?

Why Don’t You throw away your favorite T- Shirt? Why Don’t You just do it to see if you can let go of things you always held so dear for no reason except the memories? Or maybe just to find out even when things go away, do memories still give you comfort?

Why Don’t You read more? Why Don’t You buy more books? Why Don’t You finish all the books you buy? Write little notes at the end of each book on what  it left you with… or what it took out of you…

Why Don’t You be the best and the worst version of yourself on the same day? And then wake up next morning ask yourself, what did you prefer? Why Don’t You? Why Don’t You?


( Shoe Girl wrote this a while back. And asked herself… ” Why Don’t You Just stop writing in your Moleskine and blog this?” … so here it is.. She also wrote a series of  ” Why Don’t Do?” Blogs in Calcutta year ago… this is a just more of ink from Sydney)