Stunt biking on streets is WRONG. Riding or driving under the influence of alcohol is UNACCEPTABLE. Speeding on streets on a bike ( or even a car for that matter ) is stupid, harmful and dangerous. All this can kill you. You all know that.

And sometimes, can get you shot at sight for this. That’s what the writing on the paper said this week.

This week, it occurred to me, that the stunt biker is the new terrorist for Delhi Police. Does that sound too strong for you. It sounds strong for me too. But thats how I feel. And I feel strongly about a few things. And atleast that’s how it sounded when I heard the news of a 19 year old pillion rider shot dead. His crime? Stunt biking in a VIP area. A part of me felt disgusted on what cops did. A part of me felt sad.

Hello Mr. Cop! How trained are you in your superhero complex to aim at a speeding bike and be sure you won’t kill a human being? Or is your police force too lazy to chase down bunch of under 20 year olds?

Most of all, I feel incredibly sad. I feel sad because the guy who died was just 19. You could have put him jail, ruined his career but you killed a life before it even started? I dont know much about law here but I do know a fair bit about humans. As Chekov said “One must not put a loaded rifle on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it.” You DON’T point a gun at the bike without the intention of firing it. And you don’t have the right to fire at citizens if you are NOT sure where will it HIT. ( I hope you hear me shouting through the AllCaps)

The day I heard it on twitter, a bunch of people jumped to the cop’s defense. Well! If you live in a country of  “no appeal, no daleel, no vakeel” then go ahead, support the police shooting bikers and lawbreakers on the road. While they are at it, ask them to pay attention to a few rapists too. Because we could really use some police support there!!!! And also the speeding BMWs and other cars who regularly crush hungry homeless people on footpath. Stand with your guns on the sidewalk and fire away a few shots. But really? A 19 year old?

Well! Was it because it was a VIP area? Or was it just because he was biker? Because bikers are leather wearing tattoo covered hooligans who drink, smoke, break the law and are part of  ‘oh so dangerous gangs’ ! Isn’t it what you think. It’s not even funny anymore how your bias is makes you take actions thinking they are correct. Your bias is just your concoction. And my bias against you is making me judge  you now.

Let me take you to the dim wit side of your sanity and tell you that real bikers are good people. And I am going to write this because I know hundreds of them. Most of the bikers I know, don’t even drink alcohol ( trust me on that ). They love their girls and are the most respectful gentlemen I have ever come across. Real bikers are good men. Real bikers are honorable men. Real bikers are the first to snap at these kids who pull off stunts on the streets. And God! kids need that. Real bikers don’t need to be given ‘the disgusting look’ everytime they walk into a restaurant in the riding gear. Real bikers don’t have to struggle for , or be refused parking space if they go to a luxury 5 star. Real bikers have equal right to the road and real bikers aren’t the image you have in your biased mind. And till this bias stays, till you harass them at checkposts, frisk them more than that a$$ who drives a car ( just because its four wheels ) , people won’t think twice before shooting a 19 year old. Because, to him, a biker is a nuisance .

On Sunday night, what those bunch of bikers did was shameful and unlawful. But , do you remember what you were doing at 19? Think hard of all those things you were doing at 19. Today you are sitting in a pub and proudly telling valiant stories about those incidents. Did you never do anything reckless crazy for the thrill of not wanting to get caught ? What if someone shot you for that? For whatever excuse!

That gun was pointed at that bike because it was running on two wheels. I still wonder if someone would have shot at a luxury car creating a nuisance. Let me know if you hear THAT story.

Till then.. Just know, real bikers are good people. Cut them some slack and respect them a little.

( I wonder if cops are ready with guns for my safety if I’m on streets of Capital at night? Well No? At least I have some Good Bikers friends)