I sit here and stare at the blank screen. I have so much to say. A part of me wants to write how my heart feels plundered leaving Bombay. Another part of me wants to say, “Hey.. isn’t that how its supposed to be. I asked for it. Thats what being a nomad is. Pack your bags and make anyplace home.”.  Then there is is another part of me that doesn’t want to think so much and put one foot in front of the other till I gather speed.

Eight years ago I moved to Bombay. I knew no one in a city I pretty much hated. In the middle of monsoons. Moving around in auto rickshaws  getting splashed with muddy waters on my white shirt on way to work. Honestly, I never knew I will get addicted to the city, its pace, its chaos. My threshold of being away from the city has been a week at the best. (Sigh!) So its tough. Going away. From its roads. From its traffic. From its people. From my friends.

Bombay made me feel, ‘Everything is Possible’. The city doesn’t reek of stench. It doesn’t smell of dreams. It breathes ambition. When you walk the streets, you take risks. You breathe life. You fall down. You start again. You scratch your knees but you still keep running.

That is the city I am taking with me in my heart. That is the city and people I will come come back to. Its natural to get nostalgic at moments like these I guess. I hope no matter where I walk, the pace of the city never leaves my feet. And the chaos never leaves my heart. And the simmering fire of, ‘Everything is possible’ keeps me awake like Bombay is awake… all the time.



Morning at Asiatic Library


( Writing this from Airport Lounge. Next Post will be from Sydney)